Digital Marketing Course in Kottakkal, Malappuram

DigiSkillz welcomes you to study the best Digital Marketing course in Kottakkal Malappuram. Enjoy the job-oriented training sessions with the global experts in Digital Marketing along with the superior industrial exposure from DigiSkillz. Excellence comes to seek you at DigiSkillz and you don’t have to wander to fit inside. DigiSkillz is the international standard in Digital Marketing, you can find locally. Here you are not being taught, but made to interact with the international clients and trainers to live and love the industry. The Digital Marketing Course in Kottakkal Malappuram is just a matter of a few months, but what you get from it help you outshine in Digital Marketing for a lifetime.

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Digital Marketing Course in Kottakkal
Digital Marketing course in Kottakkal Malappuram

Digital Marketing Course Overview

You are absolutely an amazing learner! That’s why you have thought about studying Digital Marketing even in the outbreak of this pandemic. We are really proud to have you as our students and the pride made us care for you and your safety during these tough days. So that we have decided to give you options for online learning as well as the classroom learning programmes. In such a perplexing situation, it is quite important to make sure that both the learning sessions are executed with equal importance and efficiency, and we have already taken scientific measures to ensure the same.

In both the platforms, the student will be given a two-step training for their excellence in the Digital Marketing career. The primary session concentrates on the training of industry-relevant skills using various tools. In the secondary session, the management skills particularly connected with Digital Marketing is given prominence. Both the sessions play a crucial role in moulding out phenomenal Digital Marketers for the industry.

Training, mentoring and personal support from the international faculties through case studies is not that common everywhere. But DigiSkillz’ fundamental concern is the quality of our students and our efforts to excel in that aspect are remarkable. Prestigious certifications from Google, YouTube, HubSpot, Facebook, DigiSkillz also help in enhancing the quality and demand of our students in the industry. You can also enjoy 100% internship and placement support from our 40+ corporate bondages to get a kick start to the profession. DigiSkillz dazzles with dauntless Digital marketers!


Our online digital marketing courses in Kottakkal, Malappuram offers an extensive curriculum comprise of the in-demand digital marketing skills.

  • Diploma In Digital Marketing for Students

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Fee

  • Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Fee

  • Advanced Diploma Course in Digital Marketing for Corporate

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Fee


Platforms and Tools You will Master

DigiSkillz online/classroom digital marketing courses in Kottakkal, Kerala ensures 100% practical training via live projects using the industry tools. Some of these are:

Course Highlights

  • Live Projects

  • Interactive Sessions

  • Industry Experience

  • Case Studies

  • Expert Faculty

  • Flexible timings

  • 5 Global Certifications

Digital Marketing course in Kottakkal Malappuram

If it is Digital Marketer, it has got to be



Anyone those who are aspiring to begin their career in digital marketing, college students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.


DigiSkillz primarily focused on the quality of training. Also, equip you with practical knowledge and a handful of experience in digital marketing.


We undoubtedly ensure all the vital skills to achieve any digital marketing job in any top organization.

Exams and Certification

After successful completing of our online/classroom digital marketing courses, you will also be awarded a certificate from DigiSkillz which makes you a certified digital marketer. In addition to DigiSkillz certification, we will guide you in acquiring the most demanded Google, Facebook, YouTube, HubSpot certifications.

Who We are?

DigiSkillz is a digital marketing institute which is purely devoted to excellence in Digital Education and Online learning. We mould students in various disciplines that will shape the economy of tomorrow. Moreover, our institute believes in building a collaborative global learning community.

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Digital Marketing course in Kottakkal Malappuram


Digital marketing one of the most fun, exciting, and fast-moving industry. You can choose to work within any field if you want to work in digital marketing, you don’t have to choose to work directly with a marketing agency. You can work in any field you’re passionate about and there’s always growth opportunities.

Digital marketing is a great area to get into and there’s nothing to prevent you from exploring the basics and see if it looks like a match for you. If you’re ready to start you can find out more here about our courses.

We use a mixture of marketing professionals with current skills, as well as consultants, researchers and examiners. You may find their courses are much cheaper for all of our projects, distance learning and teaching in the classroom – but the advice and guidance will not be the same as the support provided by our professional marketing practitioners.

Of course yes!  Students of Digital Marketing and SEO Course at DigiSkillz are eligible for an optional placement of work with a digital marketing agency. Both placements are carried out in the greater areas of Kochi. Please notice that to take advantage of this opportunity you must be qualified for work in the heart of the city.

Booking a seat is completed in two steps: fill out the registration form on our website and submit confirmation of payment

Skills and experience of digital media can improve a marketing career not only by knowing the techniques and channels for digital marketing but also by being able to use and track emerging technologies and industry trends developments.

Top careers in digital marketing may include:

  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Digital Campaigns Officer
  • CRM Officer or Manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • PPC/SEO Analyst

We will instruct and provide you with all the content and software of the course about the module you will be studying at that time.   After successfully completing the certificate course from DigiSkillz, you’ll obtain all Google Certifications.

Yes, we’re also concentrating on your preparation, problems we face in the interviews as you’ve got our digital marketing institute’s mock interview session at DigiSkillz. Our mission is to create productive digital marketers, who are able to execute effective marketing campaigns. We teach you a structured method to prepare for and conduct a training programme on digital marketing.

If you have any more questions please email us and within 48 hours a member of the team will answer.