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According to repository contributors, Python has surpassed Java as the second most popular programming language on GitHub. In addition, the demand for Python programmers had a rapid increase with the widespread acceptance of AI. Since Python is open-source, free, and versatile in the use of its vast libraries, it has continued to grow at a breakneck rate in the industry.

With a diverse set of capabilities and techniques, the Python library has become flexible in assisting programmers in conducting and experimenting with a range of tasks without the hassle of writing code. The Indian economy’s contribution to Android Application Development has exceeded all expectations, and it is breaking records on a daily basis. As a result of this, Python has gained widespread acceptance in analytics, while Julia as emerged as the preferred language for science applications.

Python Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala

Over the time, Python has disproved all doubts and questions about its functionality and perfection s an open source programming language and a simple to use, cross-platform code. Although, we cannot categorize programming languages as best and worst, Python, JavaScript, C++, C, Java, and Swift are the ones that reign supreme among them.

We have seen the wide acceptance of Python across the world, including in the Indian technological sector, in the past decade. Nevertheless, the most intriguing fact regarding languages like Python and Django is that they had an exponentially faster growth in India, than in the United States. With the rising demand and vitality of Python in the industry, opting for a career in this field with proper training, experience and live-projects from an expert like Digiskillzz, is the most sophisticated and brilliant choice you can make.

Python is the programming privilege

Learning Python suggests that you have an advanced level knowledge and skills in the programming field. Yet, the acquisition of this status does not require a lengthy learning period. Python can be chosen as your entry ticket into the programming world, even though you are a novice in this arena. Since tech giants like Google, Instagram and Pinterest consider this amazing language as crucial to their existence, sitting at home just because you couldn’t find a proper job won’t be an issue after completing a course in Python.

Furthermore, if we conduct a survey of organizations, which use python as their main programming language, you could find almost all the top corporates in the world among them. At present, the popularity of Python is at its peak for general programming purposes since it is being used in building prototypes while being handy.

Python does not demand mastery. So, even if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t be hesitant to pick it up. If you have a slight bit of interest in the language, regular and consistent practice, a little hard work, and commitment will suffice. Django, which is an open-source web application framework based on Python, would also make a great choice if you want to learn it with Python. These factors make Digiskillzz the perfect partner for your Python training in Kochi.

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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently offering any new offline batches. However, we have the following two – safe & online – options for eager students such as you:


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  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interviw Training
  • Application Deadline: 8th Sept,21

PHP Training

  • 35 + Hours of Live Classes
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Python Training Syllabus

The main aim of  DIGISKILLZ is to provide Python Internship Training with the platform for python Beginners to learn and develop python Applications. To become a good Python developer you need to know the basics in the Python Programming.


  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Comparison Operator
  • Assignment Operator
  • Bitwise Operator
  • Membership Operator
  • Identity Operator
  • String
  • Number
  • List
  • Dictionary
  • If Statement
  • If else Statement
  • Break & Continue Statement
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Defining a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Function Arguements
  • Overview of OOP Terminology
  • Creating Classes
  • Creating Instance Objects
  • Accessing Attributes
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Class Inheritance
  • Overriding Methods
  • File Reading
  • File Writing
  • Appending File
  • CSV Reading
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  1. Introduction to Django (Django architecture)
  2. Difference between a MVC and MVT
  3. Difference between a App and a Project and explain
  4. Admin part (How to create Super user in Python)
  5. Model in Django
    • Introduction to models
    • Field Types
    • Meta Options
    • Model Class
    • Executing Queries
    • Queryset Method Reference
    • Introduction to migrations
    • Writing Migrations
    • Queryset Method Reference
  6. View in Django
    • URLConfs
    • View Functions
    • Request / Response objects
    • Class Based Views
  7. Template in Django
    • Django template tags
    • if / else condition
    • if / elif / else condition
    • For loops
    • Using templates to display data in the site
  8. Add static files in Django and features
  9. Add media files in Django and features
  10. Sessions and Cookies
    • Difference between Session and Cookie
    • Creating Sessions and Cookies in Django
  11. Integrating Mysql databases in Django (configuration)
  12. Rest API (Django Rest Framework) and Django rest framework serializer query set
  13. Live Project
  • Implementation of Python Live Projects
  •  DIGISKILLZ  has the best Python and Django training in Kochi, as they include training with mock interviews to help the candidate understand more.
  • Our training includes Python full course and Django, the Python-based framework.

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    Python Training in Kochi

    Python has collapsed all the sceptical notions regarding its functionality and perfection being an open-source programming language as well as an easy to use and cross-platform code. Programming language can’t be sorted out from best to the worst. However, Python, JavaScript, C++, C, Java and Swift assume royalty among them all. The rapid growth of Python all over the world as well as in the Indian Technical Industry as well. But the most interesting fact is that languages like Python, Django and Pandas witnessed a legendary growth in India than in the USA. The significance of Python is hence exceptional which makes a career in Python Programming the most stylish and sophisticated one if trained and practised with the best faculty and live projects just as in Digiskillz.

    Python has assumed the position of the second most popular programming language overtaking Java on GitHub by repository contributors. The exceptional acceptance of AI has accelerated the demand and job market of the Python Programmers. Being open-source, free and flexible in the usability of its vast libraries, have contributed to its unending growth in every new pace in the technical industry. Enriched with a diverse collection of capacities and techniques, the Python Library becomes versatile in helping the programmers to perform and experiment with numerous activities without the complication of code composing. The role of the Indian economy in Android Application Development is beyond the expected limits and it has been crossing its records day by day. Thus Python has become widely accepted for analytics where Julia becomes the first preference in scientific applications.


    • Python is a general purpose programming language.
    • Python supports Object-Oriented style.
    • Python code is more clearly defined and gives interfaces to all major commercial databases.

    Interested candidates can enroll our python training in Kochi that will assist you to become a successful python developer.

    • Sem break Python internship- 1 week – 3 month Job oriented Python Internship- 60 Working Days ( First 2 months 90 % practical class, 3rd-month live project )
    • Sure, we will provide placement assistance with guaranteed 6 interviews.
    • After the completion of the python training, you can get an intern developer certificate.