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PHP Training in Kochi

If you are someone who seeks to learn PHP, the first thing you have to do is join our Digiskillzz, our PHP training institute in Kochi. This is your greatest opportunity to study your opted course with live projects and hands-on experience, from our skilled faculty. This learning and practising experience give you exposure, which will benefit you later in your career.

We provide you with a space for your creative and innovative experimentations, which will end up improving your overall performance. It a chance to improvise yourself in terms of your talents and skills to maximize your capability to performs tasks, which will be assigned to you in the future using modern aesthetics in PHP Programming and Development.

PHP Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala

Our PHP training strategies and techniques help to bring the most out of every beginner to the industry. Our training methods are capable of convincing them to approach programming peculiarities in a more effective manner. We provide the best PHP Training in Kochi Kerala.

Digiskillzz has the best faculty in the field, and their expertise helps you understand PHP in easier ways and enable you to write complicated codes in the language. Our teaching methodology mainly involves unconscious learning or adaptation of the subject through constant and frequent practice. Such methodologies help you master PHP without much struggle.

PHP Training in Kochi

Important Notice

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently offering any new offline batches. However, we have the following two – safe & online – options for eager students such as you:


Android Training

  • 35 + Hours of Live Classes
  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interviw Training
  • Application Deadline: 8th Sept,21

Python Training

  • 35 + Hours of Live Classes
  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interviw Training
  • Application Deadline: 9th Sept,21

iOS Training

  • 35 + Hours of Live Classes
  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interviw Training
  • Application Deadline: 10th Sept,21

PHP Training Syllabus

The main aim of  DIGISKILLZ is to provide PHP Internship Training with the platform for PHP Beginners to learn and develop PHP Applications. To become a good PHP developer you need to know the basics of PHP Programming.


  • Basic HTML document
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Heading Tags
  • Paragraph Tag
  • Line Break Tag
  • Centering Content
  • Horizontal Lines
  • HTML attributes
  • HTML formatting
  • HTML images
  • HTML tables
  • Introduction
  • CSS syntax
  • Selectors
  • Methods
  • CSS property
  • Introduction
  • Js comments
  • Js variables
  • Js events
  • Form validation
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Syntax
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Looping and control statements
  • Form handling
  • Include, required, required once
  • Date and time
  • File upload
  • Database connection
  • Session and cookies
  • PHP Core Machine
  • Test And Viva
  • PHP with OOPS
  • OOPS Machine Test And Viva
  • Overview
  • Installing CodeIgniter
  • MVC framework
  • Basic concept
  • Configuration
  • Working with database
  • Libraries
  • File uploading
  • Sending email
  • Form validation
  • Session and flash data
  • Machine tests
  • Codeigniter Machine
  • Tests And Viva
  • Database creation
  • Create table and fields
  • Alter table
  • Insert, update, delete and where condition
  • Join, order by and group by
  • Import and export database
  • Introduction
  • XHTTP request
  • Jquery Ajax
  • Introduction
  • Syntax
  • Selector
  • Form validation
  • Form submit
  • Introduction
  • Theme integration
  • Adding pages and posts
  • Manage widgets
  • JSON encoding
  • Testing with postman
  • Implementation of PHP Live Projects
  • As support of the PHP developer job, we conduct mock Interviews to make the candidates more confident to attend Interviews.
  • Our PHP course includes mock interviews to make the candidate more confident.


  • PHP is an open-source programming language.
  • PHP is platform-independent.
  • PHP based web apps are effective and fast.

Interested candidates can enroll our PHP course in Kochi that will assist you to become a successful PHP developer.

Sem break PHP internship- 1 week to 1 month Job oriented PHP Internship- 60 Working Days ( First 2 months 90 % practical class, 3rd-month live project )

Sure, we will provide placement assistance with guaranteed 6 interviews.

After the completion of the PHP training, you can get an intern developer certificate.

PHP Training in Kochi

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