Experts in the field of Digital Marketing, who have proved their skills and talents by years-long experience are our possessed trainers for sure. They are also extremely talented and updated with modern tools and techniques in the industry. We also provide a platform for our students to interact and learn from researchers, consultants and examiners in the field. You can easily find many packages that offer the course at a much cheaper rate in the market. But the learning pattern differs from us by replacing interactive sessions using theory sessions and project-based live sessions by sessions using dummy website templates. In addition to that, there won’t be any provision for personal assistance or guidance, and if yes not in the same efficiency as you receive from an international expert.

You are eligible for placement after the completion of the course from Digiskillz. In that case, you will be placed into any of a reputed Digital Marketing agency inside Kochi. To avail of this opportunity, your credentials must match the requirements to work inside the city.

Admission to Digiskillz is an easy two-step process. In the first step, you will be asked to fill a registration form that is available within the website. The second step is completed with the confirmation of payment and you are done.

Ways and places one can explore after the completion of a Digital Marketing course are infinite. Keeping oneself updated about the latest trends and techniques is the key to success in the profession, rather than being an expert in the syllabus-oriented theories. Most seen careers in which a Digital Marketer excels are the following;

Digital Marketing Expert
Social Media Analyst
Digital Campaigns Officer
CRM Officer or Manager
Digital Account manager
PPC/SEO Analyst

You are eligible for the certificate, on the successful completion of the course from Digiskillz. The course consists of two training sessions for the all-rounded development of the Digital Marketer in you. With these two sessions, you will get familiar with and become experienced in all the aspects of Digital Marketing career. By then you will be qualified to get all the relevant certifications from Google.

As we have already mentioned earlier, we are very much particular about the growth and development of our students after the course as well as during the course. The personal support-system at Digiskillz is meant to solve such issues and problems faced by our students and help them get placed in the right firm. We are also passionate about bringing up productive Digital Marketers who are really quick and skilled in running Marketing campaigns. Career- oriented training and interview preparation that every student get at Digiskillz will make you confident and energetic at interviews and in all such similar situations.

Further queries and information about the course and institution will be answered by our team member through mail within 48 hours. Feel free to contact us we are here to help you.

This is completely subjective. However, you can expect the placement within 1 week to several months to get placed in a firm, after the completion of the course. But comparatively, students from Digiskillz have been able to achieve a faster placement in the industry than with other students. Our mock interview sessions, personal support systems and the 100% internship we provide have helped the students a lot in this regard.

The most attractive aspect of Digital Marketing is that anyone can become an expert in the field if you have a burning desire and basic knowledge of computer. People from multiple sectors of society has come into Digital Marketing and made their success stories. More particularly, the students from the following categories study Digital Marketing more than common to favour their professional requirements;

Business professionals
Media advertising professionals
Web Designers and the like

You can download and make use of the PDF documents that are being meticulously prepared and uploaded by our expert trainers. The documents would be accessible in any of the devices. You can also get access to our online portal where you will be updated about all the advancements and latest news on Digital Marketing.

Digiskillz has all the online money transfer platforms and you are free to transfer the money through any of such platforms. Moreover, you can also consider paying the fee amount through cheque.

At Digiskillz, you can choose the course structure and schedule that matches your timings. However, we are extremely flexible for our students. You can also choose weekdays or weekend classes if you wish. Generally, the regular classes take the duration of 30-45 days.

A fresher to the industry can expect a salary that ranges between 3LPA-6LPA. But salary ranges differ according to many factors like location, skills and agencies. But students from Digiskillz can always outshine in the interviews when compared to other candidates and perform well in the profession as well, which in turn increases the possibilities for quick promotion and salary hike.

Absolutely! You can also enjoy an additional preference while attending interviews and applying for jobs once you have completed the course.

As mentioned earlier, Digital Marketing doesn’t require a specific qualification. But it is considered as the best and appropriate course after plus2 or graduation. Anyone who has basic computer knowledge, creativity and a passion to build strategies to grab the attraction of the audience, is eligible to study the course and such students would definitely meet with the glory of success in the industry.

Digital Marketing suits almost everyone because of the multiple specializations or specifications it offers. You can choose the specification of your interest and concentrate on that for maximum better results in your career. Moreover, specialists are given much more preference in large corporate companies and Digital Marketing agencies. The following are the major course specializations offered in Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Content Marketing Course
Email Marketing Course
Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM)

You can expect 10-15 students per batch. But this will completely depend upon the preference of the trainers and their way of teaching anticipating maximum efficiency. But at Digiskillz, the number of students doesn’t matter because here you can enjoy the personal support system which ensures individual care and concern to each and every student.

Applying the Digital Marketing strategies to your business is the best thing you can do to enhance your reputation and create a branding as well. Even if you are planning to do a start-up or venture to begin a small-scale business, Digital Marketing has got a lot to do with it. The possibilities and power of Digital Marketing can’t be described to its full and it is definitely something that is to be experienced by yourself.

Peculiarities of Digiskillz’ Digital Marketing Course is endless. However, the following are some of the unique features that you can experience at Digiskillz when comparing to other parallel institutions.

Project-based live interactive sessions
Monitored by experts in the industry
International trainers
Interaction with our international clients
Personal support system
Mock-interview sessions
100% internship

Of course, you can. Our expert trainers are absolutely capable to transform you from a beginner to a pro in the duration of the course. You will be nurtured and self-confident about attempting interviews and running marketing campaigns for companies utilizing the strong fundamentals and practical experience that you get from Digiskillz. You are also assured with a 100% internship after the course through which you can become the masters of Digital Marketing in no time.