Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur

Looking for a Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur? Digiskillz’ remarkable training programme might interest you. Learn from the game planners of the industry and travel along with the fast-changing trends that happen in this highly competitive field.  Digiskillz is the best ever option to get into the vast world of opportunities in Digital Marketing. Here, you will find a more innovative self of yours with the most amiable trainers and mentors.

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Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur
Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur

Kerala No.1 Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur

Digiskillz presents you both classroom and online learning sessions for Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur to cater to your requirements in these hard times and to enjoy learning in the comfiest manner you need. Irrespective of the learning platforms, our training sessions are capable to transform you as an expert through the interactive sessions monitored by the masters in the industry. Digiskillz has a two-tier training programme to ensure smooth and efficient learning throughout the course. The first session is concentrated to make the students learn about industry-relevant skills through distinct tools. In the course of the second session, you will be provided with the training to develop management skills. Altogether, you will be made fit to walk in the industry and establish your space in it.

Candidates from Digiskillz learn from the case studies with unparalleled supervision from the international trainers from the UK, Australia, Canada and so on. Moreover, we are extremely happy to enrich your portfolio with the certifications from Digiskillz, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Hubspot and the like on the completion of the Digital Marketing course. In addition to all these benefits,  making use of our 40+ corporate associations, we can also assure to help you get into the right track by providing a 100% internship and placement support. Venture with us to write your success story in Digital Marketing.

Important Notice

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently offering any new offline batches. However, we have the following two – safe & online – options for eager students such as you:


Live Digital Marketing Training

  • 35 + Hours of Live Classes
  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interviw Training
  • Application Deadline: 18th Aug,21

Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing

  • 180 + Hours of Live Classes
  • 30 + Hours of Video Courses
  • resume & Interview Training
  • Application Deadline: 19th Aug,21

Advanced Digital Marketing Training

  • 180+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 1 Month Mandatory Internship
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Application Deadline: 20th Aug,21

Curriculum Ideology

In-Class Training

Project-Based Learning

Digital Marketing Course

Portfolio Building & Evaluation

Program Overview

We offer certificate courses in digital marketing, ranging from diploma to post graduation, for aspirants anywhere in the world. You will get the best learning experience with live projects, practical sessions, and industry-experienced trainers. Our extensive curriculum based programmes ensure your expertise in 20+ skills, within a limited period. We designed our courses giving equal importance to both industrial and managerial skills. Our faculty, consisting of CEOs and Departmental Heads of Asia’s well-known Digital Marketing Agencies, is one of the best you could ever get. We provide our students with the opportunities to visit to top marketing agencies, to get a practical experience of the application of information provided in running successful online campaigns for clients. Once you successfully complete your course of preference, we will help you get placement opportunities in top digital marketing agencies, both outside and within the country, with 100% job assistance. Make your future,
with Digiskillzz.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Ad Expenditure in India was Rs. 9266 Crore Last Year

Course Highlights

  • Live Projects

  • Interactive Sessions

  • Industry Experience

  • Case Studies

  • Expert Faculty

  • Flexible timings

  • 5 Global Certifications

Digital Marketing Course in Calicut


Aspiring digital marketers, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs and any other individual interested in the field of Digital Marketing.

For Weekday Programs: Successfully completed Grade XII
For Weekend Programs: Successfully completed a bachelor degree or equivalent


To master the necessary skills and gain insight into the field of digitalization and to be able to effectively promote any product/service online.


You will become a Certified Digital Marketer, fully equipped to take on any role in the digital marketing world, be it in an already existing digital agency or as an entrepreneur of a start-up.


Our exclusive curriculum for digital marketing courses in Thrissur covers every necessary concepts and ideas related to marketing and management skills regarding digital marketing. We designed it particularly for creating digital marketing professionals who will be capable of working on innovative ideas, in leading companies all over the world. Find your syllabus here:

Executive Skills

Introduction to
Digital Marketing

Website Planning and Creation

Search Engine

Search Engine

Social Media








Influencer Management

E-Commerce Management

Online Reputation Management

Adsense, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Managerial Skills

Introduction to Agency


The Art of

Client Oriented Strategy

Campaign Creation for Client

Reporting Evaluation

Platforms and Tools You will Master

DigiSkillz online/classroom digital marketing course in Thrissur, Kerala ensures 100% practical training via live projects using the industry tools. Some of these are:

Download Detailed Course Curriculum

Exams and Certification

After successful completing of our online/classroom digital marketing courses, you will also be awarded a certificate from DigiSkillz which makes you a certified digital marketer. In addition to DigiSkillz certification, we will guide you in acquiring the most demanded Google, Facebook, YouTube, HubSpot certifications.

Live Projects

What are Live Projects?

While at digiskillzz, a brand is assigned to every student. The student then has to work on the digital marketing strategy of this brand in order to avail his or her final grades.

How Does It Work?

Our expert faculty will be there along each step of the way to ensure that students get every opportunity to present the best digital marketing strategy they can devise for the brands they have been assigned. These brands will either be live brands or brands invented by digiskillzz. Either way, they prove to be an incredibly fun way to learn.

Benefits of Live Projects?

This project gives our students a working knowledge of digital marketing concepts which many of their peers will not be able to boast of, rather than just mugging concepts for grades.

What Our Students Say

“I was completed 3months digital marketing course in Digiskillz. best faculty and good ambience with expert trainers to help us in our career building. Suggest Digiskillz for digital marketing training in Thrissur. Digiskillz provides the best digital marketing course in Thrissur.”

Aimen muhammed

“Best place to learn digital marketing course in Thrissur. I really appreciate the training structure and placement support. I would recommend Digiskillz if you are looking for a course. providing the most 31 modules of digital marketing n 100% placements and lifetime assistance. I am very much lucky to have been a part of the DigiSkillz team.”

Anjali anju

Program Specific Details

Program Commences:
5th April

120+ hours


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Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur

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    Best Digital Marketing Training in Thrissur

    Our Digital Marketing Course Offered by Certified Experts. We rated as the top training institute in Thrissur for learning Digital Marketing Courses with 100% placements. Our trainers are having more than 10+ Years of experienced internet marketing skills which will help our students to get practical oriented training on digital marketing techniques. Our course syllabus will cover all the top search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo optimization techniques with Real-time Projects. We also teach you on Analytics Tools like Google Analytics for analysis of your website performance like bonus rate, Impression for Particular Keywords, CTR, etc. Get your dream job in the Digital Marketing field with high Salary from our 50 hrs live Classroom Training in Thrissur.

    Kick-start your career in digital marketing!

    • Hands-on training experience.

    • Live projects.

    • Interactive and practical approach.

    • Meticulously designed syllabus.

    • Complete digital marketing theory and practical.

    • Placement assistance.

    • Industry experts as trainers.

    • Google Adwords& Analytics Certification.

    Suitable For

    Digital Marketing Course in Calicut

    The In-depth digital marketing training is the best training program for anyone who would like to pursue career in digital marketing or manage his own marketing project. The course serves as a step by step process perfectly tailored to transform an ordinary individual to a digital marketing professional. The In-depth program is suitable for

    • Students

    • College pass-outs

    • Business owners

    • CEOs

    • Housewives

    • Work from home individuals

    • For anyone who would like to pursue career in digital marketing

    • Marketing professionals

    • Sales Executives

    • Sales Head

    • Ecommerce enthusiasts and professionals

    • SEO executives

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hands-on training, live projects, mentoring sessions are something that the students get to experience at Digiskillzz. We provide you with learning content that is continuously updated with any changes in the industry. We believe in providing all-rounded learning that the students apply on real-life brand projects. This makes sure that our students are ready for an actual job by the time they graduate from our digital marketing course in Thrissur.

    The course has 24 different modules which include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Creation and more: download our detailed curriculum here. These skills are tested through assignments after every topic. We make sure that we educate and train you for all the necessary skills in the digital marketing field.

    We do provide the digital marketing course as a whole module covering all the portions. The course can be customised according to the requirement. The duration of the course will be of 3 months if required can be extended for practical knowledge.

    Our digital marketing course in Thrissur focuses on providing the best live project experiences for our students. There will be theory classes which are combined with practical sessions. Also providing hands-on experience in live projects.

    Anyone with basic computer knowledge and the enthusiasm to explore the opportunities in the internet marketing field can enroll for the digital marketing training program. The digital marketing course in Thrissur mainly puts light on students, business persons and marketing people who want to embark on a bright marketing career.

    Digital marketing one of the most fun, exciting, and fast-moving industry. You can choose to work within any field if you want to work in digital marketing, you don’t have to choose to work directly with a marketing agency. You can work in any field you’re passionate about and there’s always growth opportunities.

    Digital marketing is a great area to get into and there’s nothing to prevent you from exploring the basics and see if it looks like a match for you. If you’re ready to start you can find out more here about our courses.

    We use a mixture of marketing professionals with current skills, as well as consultants, researchers and examiners. You may find their courses are much cheaper for all of our projects, distance learning and teaching in the classroom – but the advice and guidance will not be the same as the support provided by our professional marketing practitioners.

    Of course yes!  Students of Digital Marketing and SEO Course at DigiSkillz are eligible for an optional placement of work with a digital marketing agency. Both placements are carried out in the greater areas of Kochi. Please notice that to take advantage of this opportunity you must be qualified for work in the heart of the city.

    Booking a seat is completed in two steps: fill out the registration form on our website and submit confirmation of payment.

    Digital Marketing is an important part of any business whether large, small, local or organic. Many businesses can no longer survive without some type of digital marketing strategy. And with the internet becoming more prevalent every day, more and more people are turning to the internet to find what they’re looking for. This means that not only is digital marketing important but also that there is a large population who may be interested in working in the field. Also, consider how big of an opportunity this could be for you as well! As with most things it does depend on where your interests lie and what subjects you excel at handling – so if you do have an interest in digital marketing research or studying up on it even more so that you can truly feel confident about entering this field with passion and purpose because it’s sure to lead to great results.

    Yes. After successfully completing the program and passing certification exams, we do provide full-time internship to freshers and undergraduate students or those who want to make a professional career in digital marketing.

    We do have a course completion certification of our institute as well as those who opt for Jain university exam can appear for the same and have the certificate too. Also students can earn the Google Certificates as well as Hubspot Certificates

    The main reason one should know about digital marketing is that nowadays a lot of marketing and advertising of products is happening through internet platforms. In this it’s important to have an online presence for a business. So this digital marketing course in Thrissur will help one in building their empire in the internet field and have a good return.

    Yes, we do provide placement as well as provide internship for students after their course. Here we have a dedicated placement cell for our students which will help them mould their career.

    Demo class sessions will be arranged for the students on request. Even after registration for the course the students will be having a single session which will give them a whole idea about the course.

    Skills and experience of digital media can improve a marketing career not only by knowing the techniques and channels for digital marketing but also by being able to use and track emerging technologies and industry trends developments.

    Top careers in digital marketing may include:

    • Digital Marketing Expert
    • Social Media Analyst
    • Digital Campaigns Officer
    • CRM Officer or Manager
    • Digital Account Manager
    • PPC/SEO Analyst

    We will instruct and provide you with all the content and software of the course about the module you will be studying at that time.   After successfully completing the certificate course from DigiSkillz, you’ll obtain all Google Certifications.

    Yes, we’re also concentrating on your preparation, problems we face in the interviews as you’ve got our digital marketing institute’s mock interview session at DigiSkillz. Our mission is to create productive digital marketers, who are able to execute effective marketing campaigns. We teach you a structured method to prepare for and conduct a training programme on digital marketing.

    If you have any more questions please email us and within 48 hours a member of the team will answer.